Folders by C. Gray Taylor

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AKI 2013 Sportsman Knife with Ringneck Pheasant & Irish SetterAKI 2013 Sportsmans Knife
AKI 2013 Sportsman with Floral InlayAKI 2013 Sportsman's Knife

AKI 2013 Small Sleeveboard LobsterAKI 2013 Small Sleeveboard Lobster
AKI 2013 SleeveboardAKI 2013 Sleeveboard

Folding knives created by Mr. Taylor for the 2013 Art Knife Invitational. He was awarded the Buster Award for the third time at this show.

Each knife comes with a beautiful box covered with goatskin leather and embossed in 22K gold. The inside of the box is stamped AKI 2013. Display boxes also by maker.